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See Our Pre-Owned Endoscopy Equipment for Sale or Rent from Us

At EndoscopyMD, we’re proud of our industry-leading endoscope repair services. But that’s not all we offer to our valued clients within the world’s best healthcare systems, our government, and our military partners. We also have a variety of pre-owned equipment available for purchase, as well as a convenient equipment rental program to make downtime a thing of the past.

Check our equipment listings and get in touch with our expert team to purchase or rent from us today.

Pre-Owned Equipment Available for Purchase or Renting

If you need to buy pre-owned endoscopy equipment in excellent working condition, EndoscopyMD is your best resource. We always have a complete inventory of flexible endoscopes available for immediate sale and update availability as often as possible.

There is no need to stress about downtime just because your hardworking endoscopy equipment is out for repair! At EndoscopyMD, we can provide your organization with loaner equipment at no charge while a repair is being performed.

All pre-owned endoscopes have been thoroughly tested to meet manufacturers’ specifications and are ready for use immediately. Pricing is based on the overall condition and current market pricing. Additionally, you’ll find a variety of well-priced “parts scopes” perfect for parts and refurbishing.

Explore our list of available equipment at the link below. Please realize that loaners are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Although a piece of equipment is listed, we may not have it in our inventory at that time. It currently may be in use by another customer.

Check our current list of equipment for sale, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have questions.

Our Equipment List

EndoscopyMD carries pre-owned flexible endoscopes, which includes bronchoscopes, colonoscopes, gastroscopes, and ureteroscope. We also have a selection of rigid endoscopes and surgical cameras. These are available from the top industry brands, including Olympus, Fujinon, Storz, and a number of other manufacturers. All of our products meet all OEM specifications.

Sort our wide array of pre-owned endoscopes by manufacturer or scope type. If you would like additional information, give us a call at (866) 726-7363.

Check back for updated products, as we are constantly updating our inventory.

Ultrasound Endoscope

  • Linear Scanning Ultrasound Endoscope – GF-UCT180
  • Radial Scanning Ultrasound Endoscope – GF-UE160-AL5


  • Rhino-Laryngo Fiberscopes – ENF-T3, ENF-XP, ENF-P4, ENF-GP/2
  • Tracheal Intubasion Fiberscope – LF-GP/DP/TP


  • Tracheal Intubation Videoscope – LF-V
  • Rhino-Laryngo Videoscope – ENF-VH, ENF-V3, ENF-V4, ENF-VT3
  • Video Bronchoscopes
    • Diagnostic Bronchoscope BF-XP190, BF-H190, BF-P190
    • Therapeutic Bronchoscope (BF-1TH190)
  •  EVIS EXERA III Video Gastrointestinal Scopes – GIF-HQ190, GIF-H190, GIF-1TH190, GIF-XP190N
  • EVIS EXERA III Video Colonoscopes – CF-HQ190, CF-H190, PCF-H190D, PCF-PH190
  • Flexible Video Cystoscopes – CYF-V2/VA2, CYF-VH
  • OES Flexible Fiber Cystoscope – CYF-5/5A

Other Scopes

  • Semi Rigid Ureteroscopes
  • OES Pro Ureteroscopes
  • High Flow Nephroscope
  • OES Pro Perctaneous Nephroscope

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