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Discover Our Industry-Leading Endoscopy Equipment Repairs

It’s a fact. Our highly trained and experienced repair technicians can fix nearly any flexible or rigid endoscopy equipment, surgical cameras, and couplers to factory repair standards or better. EndoscopyMD is prepared to meet your needs and assure you that all repairs are done right—on budget and on time.

Faster Repair Turnaround Times for High-Quality Repairs: That’s EndoscopyMD

Speed and quality in the world of endoscope repair can go hand-in-hand—our ISO-certified repair centers in Beltsville, Maryland, and St. Petersburg, Florida prove this to our customers every day. ISO services include repair, servicing, and maintenance of flexible endoscopes, rigid endoscopes, cameras, couplers, and video equipment. Just let us know how we can help you.

A few things to keep in mind when requesting repair

  1. Some repair combinations may affect actual turnaround times (Example: 10 different minor/basic repairs may not be completed in one day/24 hours.) Our team will work with you to establish an accurate turnaround time for your specific project/s.
  2. The following repair listing features common flexible endoscope repair/restoration services and is by no means complete. For a turnaround time estimate on a “non-listed” service, please call us toll-free at 866-SCOPEMD to discuss your needs.
  3. Backordered parts (BOP) can significantly change projected turnaround times. We will notify you immediately if parts on backorder will affect your repair.

Equipment Brands & Models We Service

From the biggest brands in the endoscope marketplace, such as Olympus®, Pentax®, ACMI®, and Storz® to lesser-known manufacturers’ equipment, we are familiar with it all.

Check our complete list of makes and models that we can service and repair right away.

Minor Repairs – Basic Service

Complete in One Day/24 Hours

  • Unblock A/W; replace nozzle
  • Unblock A/W; smooth nozzle
  • Replace A/W button O-ring
  • Replace A/W port O-ring
  • Repair nozzle & check system
  • Replace nozzle & check system
  • Unblock A/W system
  • Realign A/W nozzle
  • Replace jet nozzle
  • Repair jet port
  • Repair auxiliary port rubber cap
  • Reseal auxiliary port
  • Replace bending sheath
  • Reglue bending sheath
  • Adjust play & angulation
  • Adjust angulation only
  • Shorten angulation cables
  • Repair grinding chains
  • Replace broken control knob
  • Repair clicking control knob
  • Repair/reseal control knob
  • Replace freeze button
  • Repair C & F switch
  • Readjust free engage mechanism
  • Rebuild control knob
  • Clean control knob
  • Repair slip stopper
  • Tighten fit ring
  • Repair brake rachet
  • Realign bending section position
  • Reround bending section
  • Replace silk bending section mesh
  • Polish light guide lens
  • Polish cover glass
  • Repair distal end
  • Reseal distal end
  • Reseal objective lens
  • Regrease eyepiece ring
  • Reseal leaking eyepiece
  • Rebuild/remask eyepiece
  • Polish image guide by eyepiece
  • Repair I/T buckle
  • Install boot extender
  • Repair I/T blisters
  • Replace #1 switch
  • Replace head switch
  • Reseal I/T
  • Realign/tighten I/T
  • Repair suction channel selector
  • Unclog suction function
  • Tighten light guide connector
  • Polish light guide bundle
  • Repair light guide connector
  • Reseal light guide connector
  • Reround light guide connector
  • Reseal umbilical cord
  • Polish connector sleeve
  • Replace vent port
  • Clean electrical pin(s)
  • Reseal ETO valve
  • Repair ETO valve
  • Modify for STERIS compatibility
  • Repair switch button
  • Repair all switch buttons
  • Rebuild four buttons
  • Reseal button
  • Replace VTR button

Minor Repairs – Advanced Service

Complete in Two Days

  • Replace A/W channel
  • Replace jet channel
  • Dry out scope–minor fluid
  • Repair drum/pulley cable
  • Replace light guide cover glass
  • Replace eyepiece
  • Replace suction channel
  • Replace light guide connector
  • Repair light guide shaft
  • Replace electrical pin
  • Replace L/R brake rachet/lever
  • Replace U/D brake rachet/lever

Major Repairs – Basic Service

Complete in Three to Five Days

  • Replace A/W channel (Fuji scope)
  • Dry out scope–major fluid
  • Replace bending section wire
  • Replace bronchoscope B/S wire
  • Replace pulley wire
  • Rebuild objective lens
  • Replace bio-channel
  • Repair video pin by connector
  • Replace light guide cord
  • Replace L/G bundle
  • Replace SUS pipe
  • Replace suction cylinder assembly
  • Replace air/water cylinder assembly

Major Repairs – Advanced Service

Complete in Four to Six Days

  • Replace all wires
  • Replace all wires and coil pipes
  • Replace insertion tube
  • Clean bending section assembly
  • Replace LG bundle (bronch)
  • Replace bio-channel (bronch)
  • Replace complete coil system
  • Rewire CCD
  • Remove spider web stain

Equipment Overhaul – Basic Service

Complete in Five to Eight Days

  • Replace bending section
  • Replace insertion tube (bronch)
  • Replace CCD wiring harness

Equipment Overhaul – Advanced Service

Complete in Seven to 10 Days

  • Video camera assembly replacement
  • Distal end assembly replacement
  • Insertion section assembly replacement
  • Replace image guide
  • Complete restoration
  • Custom modification

Need to Borrow Equipment While Yours is Being Repaired?
Don’t stress about downtime just because your hardworking endoscopy equipment is out for repair! At EndoscopyMD, we can provide your organization with loaner equipment at no charge while repairing your equipment. Customers are only responsible for the shipping and handling charges, which will be applied to the repair invoice. See our listing of available equipment and let us know what you need to borrow!

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