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Repair Turnaround Time Table:

MINOR-Basic Service MINOR-Advanced Service
1 Day/24 Hours 2 DAYS
Unblock A/W; Replace Nozzle Readjust Free engage mechanism Reseal I/T Replace A/W channel
Unblock A/W; Smooth Nozzle Rebuild control knob Realign/Tighten I/T Replace jet channel
Replace A/W button O-Ring Clean control knob Repair suction channel selector Dry out scope-Minor Fluid
Replace A/W port O-Ring Repair slip stopper Unclog Suction function Repair drum/pulley cable
Repair nozzle & check system Tighten fit ring Tighten Light Guide connector Replace Light Guide cover glass
Replace nozzle & check system Repair brake rachet Polish Light Guide bundle Replace Eyepiece
Unblock A/W system Realign Bending Section position Repair Light Guide connector Replace suction channel
Realign A/W nozzle Reround Bending Section Reseal Light Guide connector Replace Light Guide connector
Replace jet nozzle Replace silk Bending Section mesh Reround Light Guide connector Repair Light Guide shaft
Repair jet port Polish Light Guide lens Reseal umbilical cord Replace electrical pin
Repair Auxillary port rubber cap Polish Cover Glass Polish connector sleeve Replace L/R Brake Rachet/Lever
Reseal Auxillary port Repair Distal End Replace Vent port Replace U/D Brake Rachet/Lever
Replace Bending Sheath Reseal Distal End Clean electrical pin(s)  
Reglue Bending Sheath Reseal Objective lens Reseal ETO valve  
Adjust play & angulation Regrease Eyepiece ring Repair ETO valve  
Adjust angulation only Reseal leaking Eyepiece Modify for STERIS compatibility  
Shorten angulation cables Rebuild/Remask Eyepiece Repair switch button  
Repair grinding chains Polish Image Guide by Eyepiece Repair all switch buttons  
Replace broken control knob Repair I/T buckle Rebuild 4 buttons  
Repair clicking control knob Install boot extender Reseal button  
Repair/Reseal control knob Repair I/T blisters Replace VTR button  
Replace Freeze button Replace #1 switch    
Repair C & F switch Replace Head Switch    
MAJOR-Basic Service MAJOR-Advanced Service OVERAHAUL-Basic Service OVERHAUL-Advanced Service
3 TO 5 DAYS 4 TO 6 DAYS 5 TO 8 DAYS 7 TO 10 DAYS
Replace A/W channel(Fuji scope) Replace All Wires Replace Bending Section Video Camera Assembly replacement
Dry out scope-Major Fluid Replace All Wires and Coil Pipes Replace Insertion Tube(Bronch) Distal End Assembly replacement
Replace Bending Section wire Replace Insertion Tube Replace CCD wiring harness Insertion Section Assembly replacement
Replace Bronchoscope B/S wire Clean Bending Section Assembly   Replace Image Guide
Replace pulley wire Replace LG Bundle(Bronch)   Complete Restoration
Rebuild Objective lens Replace bio-channel(Bronch)   Custom Modification
Replace bio-channel Replace Complete Coil System    
Repair video pin by connector Rewire CCD    
 Replace Light Guide Cord Remove spider web stain    
Replace L/G Bundle      
Replace SUS pipe      
Replace Suction Cylinder Assembly      
Replace Air/Water Cylinder Assembly      

1) Some repair combinations may affect actual turnaround times (Ex: 10 different Minor-Basic Repairs may not be completed in 1 Day/24 Hours). Please reference your EndoscopyMD repair order form(s) for accurate Turnaround Time(s).
2) Due to a large variety of repairs, the following is a partial listing of common flexible endoscope repair/restoration services. For turnaround estimate on a "Non-Listed" service, please contact us toll free at 866-SCOPEMD.
3) Back Order Parts; You will be notified immediately if B.O.P will effect Projected Turnaround Time.

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